Contact us

The first step on the way to visualize your research is to get in touch with us by mail or social media.

Dialogue and first sketch

Our highest goal is to come up with ideas that match your expectations. To assure this we opt for attentive communication with our customers, resulting in a first manual sketch of the design.

Realization of the product

The sketch and your ideas are used as a pattern to visualize and animate your research with state of the art software and modern graphic engines (e.g. Cycles, Eevee).

Validation and adjustments by the customer

A first draft will be sent to you and you are given the chance to give feedback and delegate changes like color shading, textures and camera angle.

Finalization of the product

After your final thoughts were implemented in the scenery, the product will be rendered and the post-processing will give the finishing touches to the design. Our hardware enables us to realize a product of highest resolution within decent rendering times.